Cost – Budgets can be turned literally on their heads when using Tactology, when compared to natural alternatives.

Transportation and Accessibility – Bulky and costly materials do not have to incur lengthy sourcing and shipping issues, Tactology is formed in the UK using locally sourced and available materials.

Weight – Build constraints may not permit the use of heavy materials and Tactology may be used with great effect to create the desired finish whilst not compromising on the brief.

Environmental Advantages – We all seek to incorporate cost effective alternatives, Tactology can be as environmentally friendly as you require due to the texture finish being Greenguard Gold certified and when used in conjunction with a recycled base material then Tactology allows a true green build without compromising on design.

Fire Ratings – Tactology understands how critical material fire ratings need to be, and with the clever use of Fire base rated materials tactology allows the look and feel of natural alternatives without the fire issues that they potentially have. Often when using natural flammable materials there is the need to fire proof them with fire resistant coatings adding cost and real time to any build.

Cleaning – Tactology is a fully cleanable textured surface protected from the daily grime and wear and tear.

True Adaptability – Pink slate, blue bricks or a bespoke run of wallpaper no problem, look no further than the  flexibility which Tactology brings to life.

Tactology and Braille – Braille textured text / images are easily achieved through the use of Tactology and creates a very cost effective alternative to older traditional methods. From simple safety / wayfinding panels to art reproduction Tactology can be used to create a whole textured environment.