Local Artist Visits Tactology

This morning, we had the pleasure of welcoming local artist Simon Davis to our esteemed Tactology Division. Simon came to experiment with his art and imprint his masterpieces onto wooden panels. It was truly remarkable to witness his exceptional creativity unfold as he explored the diverse options our facility had to offer. We were captivated […]

MAP Group’s Tactology Division Wins 8th Place

The MAP Group and Tactology, Are Proud to Have Won 8th Place in the Swiss Q Print Worldwide Creative Challenge At The MAP Group, our Tactology division are thrilled to announce that we have achieved an impressive 8th place in the renowned Swiss Q Print Worldwide Creative Challenge. This prestigious competition celebrates excellence in printing […]

Self Adhesive Printed Wax Seals

Introducing our latest creation at Tactology: self-adhesive printed textured faux wax seals! We’re absolutely thrilled to present these exquisite seals that will elevate your correspondence to another level of elegance and sophistication. Imagine adding a touch of vintage charm and grandeur to your invitations, letters, and packages with just a peel-and-stick motion! Our meticulously crafted […]

Light Leaf Texture

Another printed texture for the Tactology sample book. This one is a very light textured leaf design with a simple spot varnish text.

Another Day Another Printed Texture

These beautiful butterflies are ready to be added to our upcoming sample pack.

New Tactology Sample Pack

Tactology are putting the finishing touches to our self-adhesive printed texture sample packs. Stay tuned to see a whole host of new printed textures.

Photo To Sketched Art

Stock photograph converted to a sketched image and printed onto brushed silver dibond.

Tactology Exibits At The Surface Design Show

The MAP Groupā€˜s Tactology division recently visited The Surface Design Show to showcase our printed textures. Set up over a year ago Tactology uses UV curing print technology to create layered print to mimic any texture you can imagine. Our stand was designed and printed onto 16mm Xanita Board supplied by Antalis. The feedback we got from attendees was […]